Reasons why you need to begin smurfing

May 30, 2018 at 2:09 pm by Malkmus | Posted in Games

There are a ton of reasons why League of Legends players might want a smurf, and we will be looking at the top reasons here.

Avoiding Account Transfer fees

Lots of advantages that come with picking up smurf aren’t instantly obvious, for instance; Why would you want to own a smurf in a different region?

For starters, in this digital period we live in, you more than likely have an online friend or 3 and lots of them likely live in different regions. You could always choose Riot’s ridiculous transfer scheme or you could save yourself some cash.

After a two or three transfers you could have brought a smurf with the money you’ve saved, the smurf is also likely to come with some rare skins!

Which Just happens to be the next point on this list.

League of Legends Smurfs Get You Tons Of Swag

Who doesn’t want bragging right? It might be hard to come to terms with it, but one of the reasons is because League of Legends players enjoy flaunting what they’ve got Let’s be serious for a minute , everyone enjoys the looks of jealousy on their pals faces when they enter the match with an epic skin, and depending on which website you buy your account from, you might obtain such rare LoL skins as; King Rammus and PAX Sivir.

Nyan Cat Teemo

Not only that, but it’s nice to use new skins on occasion to spice things up, and it sure beats the boring default skins!

Crushing Scrubs

Every single game should be fun, but unfortunately the competitive environment of ranked games means that often times people do not enjoy games, in fact it’s likely tarnish your view of League of Legends and its playerbase.

Whereas if you chose to play on a League of Legends account then you ‘d be able to enjoy yourself and play vs bronzies who have no clue what they’re doing.

And to top it off, playing casual games on a lower level smurf means that you can play with friends you otherwise wouldn’t be able to!


Playing With Your Pals

It’s a moronic system; Riot have made it clear on multiple occasions that they don’t approve of smurfing regardless of that though, they’ve made the decision to make it impossible for everyone to play with their duo partners if they are two whole ranked tiers below them.

In conclusion; Thanks to odd business decisions, you will not be able to play with some of your low elo friends unless you own a League of Legends account.

On occasion you flat out do not want play with a certain friend because, they are honestly phenomenally bad, utterly and completely noobish. Now we do not mean at everything, they’re likely top-notch people, but when it comes to League of Legends they feed, or maybe they are much more casual, unlike you who takes it a bit more seriously. Now this puts you in an undesirable situation– Do you pretend to be afk every time your friend messages you or do you flush your LP down the toilet?

blanking your friend has a few obvious disadvantages, how many times can you use the old; “Sorry, I didn’t notice your invite” before they start to drift away? The answer is not many times at all, although you don’t want to toss away all your ranked progress which means you only have one option left, and that way is purchasing a League of Legends Account.

This is likely to get you praise from your friend, after all, you’re helping your duo partner reach the top of the ranked ladder, all while destroying low ranked players into the ground. You benefit, they benefit you get what you want, they get what they want, You’re both winners!

On the other hand a huge chunk of the League of Legends population prefer to pick up a Diamond account over a Bronze one.

Reasons Why Everyone Wants To Buy A Diamond Smurf

To start with one big benefit that comes with playing on a smurf is the possibility to boast about your Diamond border. Prestige matters in LoL, and the quickest way to achieve this is to pick up a Diamond account.

Sure it seems silly, but everyone will treat you in a different manner, it’s a little bit like the way people will behave if you own a nice car, you’ll be perceived in a more flattering light regardless of whether or not you happen to use daddy’s cash to come by them, they still boost you up the social ladder.

Being Diamond lets you have the chance to gain similar benefits, you’ll see a difference in your buddies and they will try to get you to boost them. But Do not reveal how you obtained the smurf, if they should ask tell them you worked hard to reach Diamond.

Surely all these reasons to buy a League of Legends account has convinced you to think about purchasing your own; To summarize if you desire to boast about your skins, join your friends on a different region or help someone out of the pits of elo hell then pick up a League of Legends smurf right now!

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6 Reasons You Need to Buy a League of Legends Smurf Account

May 22, 2018 at 1:46 pm by Malkmus | Posted in Games

If you’ve been on the video gaming scene for long enough then you’ve probably come across League of Legends. It’s only the biggest online MOBA games in the world with over 76 million intense monthly summoners!

Whether you’re a diehard League of Legends fan or you just love participating in a few casual games, every LoL player needs a smurf account. If you haven’t come across a smurf account and aren’t sure what one is, then you’re in for a treat . Not only will buying a smurf account make you a much better gamer, but it will also save you huge amounts of time wasting.

To aid you understand why investing in a League of Legends smurf account is so useful, we’re looking at some of the best advantages. So if you are struggling to understand why anyone would splash out on a League of Legends account then pay attention, you’re about to find out.

Save Numerous Precious Time

1 of the main reasons that so many gamers buy a LoL smurf account is the fact that it saves them lots of time. Not just a little bit of time, but a MASSIVE amount of time. Currently, before players are allowed to play ranked matches, they must 1st achieve the max level. Since all accounts start off at the lowest level, this can take an ages to reach the highest level.

To make things faster, many players turn to buying an account. Not only does this let them dive straight into the fun, but it also avoids the mundane task of playing lots of games. Considering the cost of smurf accounts are only less than a video game, it’s a feasible price to purchase one.

Teach Yourself A New Champion

Another reason why players buy League of Legends accounts is that they are good for testing new champions. When a new champion comes out and you want to take them for a spin, it’s best not to do it on your main. The chances are you’ll want to play ranked matches to get the full experience, but why gamble losing your match maker rating?

Instead, you can experiment on a secondary account where your rating is never at risk. This means if you pwn noobs you’ll be able to pass the knowledge over to your main account. However, if you do bad, then you won’t sacrifice any valued MMR.

This technique of playing on a smurf account to practice is very common and even the pros do it. If the pro’s have a smurf account to train their skills, then you should too!

Olaf Fan Art

Own An Account On Multiple Regions

Have you ever preferred to game on a different server but didn’t want to lose your pals? Why not have both? Well with a second account you can have both!

One of the numerous advantages of a smurf account is that it allows you to own an account in another region. This means you can easily swap between EUNE and NA without having to keep purchasing a server transfer . It’s also good if you want to game with international pals or just see how tough other region’s ranked matches are. By having a second account, you can swap over at any time and get the best League of Legends experience.

Mask Your Real Identity

Sometimes when you play LoL, you don’t want other people to know who you are. Maybe you’re hiding from your friends and messing with them, or perhaps you don’t want anyone to recognise your username. Whatever the logic, having a LoL smurf account is the best way to hide your true identity.

It’s very common for professional online gamers and pro players to have several LoL accounts in their arsenal. Being a pro e-sports player has a lot of stress especially when everyone expects you to perform so well in game. Sometimes gamers just want to play for fun and relax, just like before they became popular. Unfortunately, it’s kind of tough to do that when you have a recognizable name. If DoubleLift joined your match then everyone would lose it.

However, by having a smurf account, these pros can remain undetected allowing them to enjoy the match. You might not be a professional yourself, but if you have pals that keep annoying you in chat, then it might be a good time to get another account.

League of Legends Summoner Fan Art

Troll Other Noobs

Have you ever been suspended in game for cheating or being too abusive? Make sure it doesn’t happen again with a second account.

There’s nothing worse than getting your primary account banned for something minor like swearing in chat. Do you really want to risk your entire account, rare skins and rewards being lost forever? If you do want to have some fun and laugh at other players then you need to do it on another account. This way you can do anything you want and if you do end up banned it doesn’t matter. Since you won’t lose anything of value, it’s best to always make sure you troll on a disposable account.

Dominate Other Summoners for Enjoyment

Do you remember when you first started playing LoL and you played with all those beginners? Wouldn’t it be fun if you could go back and destroy them? Well with a secondary account you can!

Since all smurf accounts come unranked and with no MMR, this allows the gamer to join low games. Since low elo is full of awful players, you’ll comfortably be able to pwn them all and leave them crying, which is great fun!

If you tried doing this on your primary account then your MMR will match you with harder players. Not ideal if you just want to have fun.

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